Cash King v3.0 – Android Earning App With Admin Panel App Source

  • Cash King is an Android Earning App with an accompanying Admin Panel Back-end System.
  • Provides various ways for users to earn money, including Play Games, scratch cards, challenges, and offers.
  • Allows users to earn through activities like watching videos, completing offers, using a Ferris wheel, visiting websites, completing tasks, and getting daily bonus rewards.
  • Developed using Android Studio with clean and quality code for optimal performance.
  • Features a unique UI design that appeals to a wide range of users.
  • Integrated with Ad Networks to monetize the app.
  • Offers diverse opportunities for users to generate income within the app’s ecosystem.

Android 12 SupportedCompatible with Android 12.
Splash ScreenDisplays a splash screen on app launch.
Intro ScreensOffers introduction screens for new users.
Spin to EarnProvides a spin-to-earn feature.
Scratch CardAllows users to scratch cards for rewards.
Website VisitEarn rewards by visiting websites.
Daily Bonus RewardProvides daily bonus rewards to users.
SDK OfferwallsIntegrates SDK offerwalls for earning opportunities.
Watch and EarnEarn rewards by watching content.
Watch YouTube VideoOffers rewards for watching YouTube videos.
Refer TaskAllows users to earn rewards through referrals.
Play Games and EarnEarn rewards by playing games within the app.
Redeem Coin SystemUsers can redeem earned coins for rewards.
Transaction History & Rewards HistoryKeeps records of transaction and reward history.
Normal Login & SignupOffers standard login and signup processes.
Google and Facebook LoginAllows users to log in using Google or Facebook accounts.
Block/Unblock UserAdmin can block or unblock user accounts.
One Device One AccountEnforces one account per device policy.
Contact UsProvides a contact option for users to reach out.
LeaderboardDisplays a leaderboard showing top users.
Slider BannerIncludes slider banners for promotional content.
Share AppEnables users to share the app with others.
Rate AppUsers can rate and review the app.
Privacy Policy PageOffers a page displaying the app’s privacy policy. AdsIntegrates ads for monetization.
Unity AdsIncludes Unity Ads for monetization.
AdColony AdsIntegrates AdColony Ads for monetization.
ironSource AdsIncludes ironSource Ads for monetization.
Applovin Max Bidding with FB & Unity AdsIntegrates Applovin Max Bidding with Facebook and Unity Ads.
Vungle AdsIncludes Vungle Ads for monetization.
Chartboost AdsIntegrates Chartboost Ads for monetization.
AdMob Rewarded AdOffers AdMob rewarded ads for users.
Best UI DesignFeatures a visually appealing and user-friendly UI design.
Clean and Quality CodeDeveloped with clean and high-quality code for optimal performance.
Good DocumentationProvides comprehensive and helpful documentation.
24/7 SupportOffers around-the-clock customer support.

Candy Classic (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio)

candy HD


  • Candy Classic boasts a well-crafted and appealing design.
  • Designed to function smoothly with uncomplicated color schemes.
  • Quick and efficient APK generation, achievable in just one day.
  • Offers streamlined processes from Android Studio setup to configuration, ad integration, and signature file generation.
  • Highly recommended for beginners and intermediate users by our team.

Designed for Tablets and PhonesOptimized for use on both tablet and phone devices.
APK 64 Bits – Android 10 ReadyPrepared for 64-bit APKs and compatible with Android 10.
Supports Both APPLIANCES ANDROID ARM & x86Compatible with both Android ARM and x86 architectures.
AdMob Ads: Banner and InterstitialsIntegrates AdMob ads in the form of banners and interstitials.

Blogger News App – Blogger API v3

  • The Blogger News application is an Android template for displaying posts/articles from a Blogger site.
  • It presents articles, posts, pages, and demos in an attractive and well-designed manner.
  • Developed for the Android platform using Java programming language and Android Studio.
  • Offers native performance, speed, and ease of use.
  • Utilizes Google’s Material Design for beautiful UI and enhanced user experience.
  • Emphasizes clean code and appealing design.
  • Enables turning a Blogspot site into an Android app within minutes.
  • Can be used to create an Android news app using Blogspot as a server-side solution.
  • Helps save costs and eliminates the need to purchase an additional server.

Google Material Design for AndroidImplements Google Material Design principles for Android app UI.
Blogger API v3Utilizes Blogger API v3 for fetching posts/articles from Blogger site.
JSON Remote ConfigSupports JSON Remote Config hosted on Google Drive or Hosting.
Favorite for Offline ReadingAllows users to mark posts as favorites for offline reading.
Bottom NavigationIncludes a bottom navigation bar for easy app navigation.
PHP Module for Push NotificationProvides a PHP module for sending push notifications.
Ad Networks (up to 9)Supports up to 9 different Ad Networks for monetization.
Ad Libraries (3 types)Supports 3 types of ad libraries: simple-ads-sdk, multi-ads-sdk, and no-ads-sdk.
Ad Formats & Switch AdsSupports App Open, Banner, Interstitial & Native Ad formats. Offers switch ads and backup ads.
In-App Review & In-App UpdateIntegrates in-app review and update functionalities.
Integrated with FCM & OneSignal Push NotificationUtilizes FCM and OneSignal for push notifications.
Send Notification with LinkSends notifications with links to specific content.
GDPR UMP SDKSupports the new GDPR User Messaging Platform SDK.
Page MenuProvides a page menu for improved navigation.
Fast Search PostOffers fast post searching functionality.
Search HistoryMaintains search history for user convenience.
Expandable Settings MenuIncludes an expandable settings menu for app customization.
Share PostAllows users to share posts with others.
Splash ScreenDisplays a splash screen upon app launch.
Rate AppPrompts users to rate and review the app.
About DialogIncludes an about dialog for app information.
Easy ConfigurationOffers easy and straightforward configuration.
Redirect AppProvides redirection functionality within the app.
Ripple EffectIncludes a ripple effect for UI interactions.
Swipe to RefreshSupports swipe to refresh for updating content.
Shimmer Effect on RefreshAdds shimmer effect during content refresh.
Load More PaginationImplements load more pagination for content display.
Open Post to BrowserAllows users to open posts in a browser.
Firebase AnalyticsIntegrates Firebase Analytics for user insights.
Light & Dark ThemeSupports both light and dark themes.
RTL Language SupportIncludes support for RTL (Right-to-Left) languages.
Clean CodeDeveloped with clean and well-organized code.
Well DocumentationProvides comprehensive and helpful documentation.

Duet Pro VPN App | Secure VPN App & Fast VPN | Subscription | StartApp Ads | Facebook & Admob Ads

duet vpn HD

Duet Pro VPN: Fast and secure VPN app
Numerous secure servers available
Click “Select Server” icon on home page to access server list
Easy one-click access to servers from any country

StartApp Ads IntegratedIntegration of StartApp ads
Facebook Ads IntegratedIntegration of Facebook ads
Admob Ads IntegratedIntegration of Admob ads
Disable Premium OptionOption to disable premium features
Reward Video AdsIntegration of reward video ads
In App UpdateAbility to provide in-app updates
In App ReviewPrompt users for in-app reviews
Unlock ServersUnlocking of additional servers
Show Connected IP AddressDisplay the connected IP address
Show Connected Server NotificationNotifications for connected server
Push NotificationIntegration of push notifications
In App PurchaseSupport for in-app purchases
Privacy Policy Accept PagePage for users to accept privacy policy
Share AppOption to share the app
Two Intro PagesInclude two introductory pages
Watch Ads & Unlock Pro ServersUsers can watch ads to access Pro servers
Four Type SubscriptionsMultiple subscription tiers available
Contact UsProvide contact information
Exclusive UI DesignUnique and appealing UI design
Android Studio Source CodeSource code compatible with Android Studio
FirebaseIntegration of Firebase services
Comfortable with Google Play PolicyAdherence to Play Store policies
Billing Version 3Utilization of Billing Version 3 for payments
And Much MoreAdditional unspecified features