UPLAB 2x 1
  • UpLab is a Digital Content Download Portal with Premium features designed to elevate your business.
  • It’s a premium item that offers a comprehensive set of features commonly found on websites.
  • The portal facilitates website browsing, offers both paid and free files, and enables the sale of various digital items.
  • Items that can be sold include scripts, themes, templates, software, music, videos, photos, PDFs, books, and more.
  • UpLab was developed by the RND team in response to customer requests for platforms similar to filehippo, cnet, waptrick, and songspk.
  • The business model aims to help individuals set up downloadable websites for digital content.
  • The platform is particularly tailored for those interested in launching websites dedicated to digital content downloads.
  • The digital content market is substantial; for instance, in 2020, about 257.2 million digital music tracks were downloaded in the US, indicating a large and growing market.


Support for FREE and Paid ItemsAllows both free and paid items to be listed and downloaded.
Support for Files and 3rd Party LinksSupports uploading files or linking to third-party content.
Download Count, Comments, Share, Review systemProvides features for tracking downloads, user comments, sharing, and reviews.
Banner Advertisement FacilityIncludes a banner ad feature for promoting content.
Support for All Types of Digital ItemsAllows listing various types of digital items.
Modern Browser and Cross-browser CompatibilityEnsures compatibility with modern and different web browsers.
Strong and Powerful Admin InterfaceOffers a robust and feature-rich admin panel.
Clean and Modern User InterfaceProvides users with an intuitive and up-to-date interface.
20+ Payment Gateway and 250+ Currencies SetupSupports a wide range of payment gateways and currencies.
Simple and Dynamic Features FunctionalityProvides easy-to-use and dynamic features for users.
Easy Documentation, GDPR PolicyOffers straightforward documentation and follows GDPR policies.
Regular Updates FacilitiesProvides regular updates for enhanced functionality.
Premium and Quick SupportOffers premium customer support for users.

Quick Code HD

PlatformQR Code Generator BioLinks vCard SaaS
Script TypePHP Script
Download TypeFree Download
Key Features– Advanced QR code generator platform
– Customized and unique QR code creation
– Rich feature set including logos, stickers, outline shapes
– Creation of eye-catching QR codes
– Potential for higher conversion rat

ViserBank V 2.2 – Digital Banking System


Note : To activate license, put in form any value (example. xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)

  • ViserBank is a professional digital banking solution powered by PHP Laravel.
  • The digital wallet is designed for those who want to start a website.
  • Globally, 69% of adults, or 3.8 billion people, now have a bank account or mobile money provider.
  • This is an important step towards overcoming poverty.
  • This is up from 62% in 2014 and 51% in 2011.
  • ViserBank is an industry-leading solution in the field of digital banking.
  • It offers a complete solution for Banking needs.
  • Users can easily:
    • Log in
    • Manage their profile
    • Choose deposit, FDR, DPS, loan
    • Choose plans
    • Transfer to another bank
    • Transfer to another account
    • Manage beneficiaries
    • Withdraw earnings
  • ViserBank empowers users with comprehensive banking features and functionalities.
DPS, FDR, Loans System IncludedIncludes DPS, FDR, and Loans system functionality.
Support for modern browsersEnsures compatibility with modern web browsers.
Cross-browser compatibilityEnsures compatibility across various web browsers.
Strong and powerful admin interfaceOffers a robust and user-friendly admin interface.
Manage Beneficiary & Transaction SystemProvides a system to manage beneficiaries and transactions.
20+ Payment GatewaysSupports over 20 payment gateways for transactions.
Simple and Dynamic FunctionalityOffers easy-to-use and dynamic features.
Easy Documentation, Regular UpdatesProvides simple documentation and regular feature updates.
GDPR PolicyComplies with GDPR policy for user data protection.
Premium and Quick SupportOffers premium and responsive customer support.

phpWallet – e-wallet and online payment gateway system

phpwallet HD
  • Phpwallet serves as a virtual card sales platform for various purchases.
  • Supports transactions such as PayPal account checks, Facebook ads, Google ads, eBay, Amazon, and more.
  • Integrates with strowallet.com’s USD virtual card API.
  • Offers the opportunity to open your own card.
  • Considered the best script for selling cards.
  • Admin fulfills withdrawal requests by sending money to bank accounts outside the script.
  • Admin can deduct user wallet balance after offline bank transfer completion.
  • phpwallet script enables sending mobile charges for airtime and data bundles to 170+ countries.
  • Works with 800+ mobile operators, facilitating global mobile transactions.

Payment LinksLinks for payment transactions.
Automated Deposit Payment Gateways (8)8 automated deposit payment gateways.
Automated Payment Gateways on payment link (8)8 automated payment gateways available on payment links.
Automated Payment Gateways on checkout (8)8 automated payment gateways available on checkout.
Supported Payment GatewaysPayPal, Stripe, Strowallet, Flutterwave, Paystack, Instamojo, Razorpay & Mollie.
Unlimited Manual Deposit MethodsUnlimited options for manual deposits.
Unlimited Manual Withdrawal MethodsUnlimited options for manual withdrawals.
Email NotificationsSends email notifications.
Master Virtual CardOffers a master virtual card.
Mobile RechargeFacilitates mobile recharge.
Airtime and Internet Data bundlesSupports airtime and internet data bundles for 170+ countries.
Telecoms OperatorsWorks with 800+ telecoms operators.
Airtime and Internet Data Top-UpsEnables top-ups for airtime and internet data.
Support TicketProvides a support ticket system.
REST APIOffers a REST API for integration.
Email Verification One Time Password (OTP)Includes email verification with OTP.
Currency ExchangeSupports currency exchange.
Multi-Currency WalletsAllows for multi-currency wallets.
Money TransfersFacilitates money transfers.
Peer to Peer TradeSupports peer-to-peer trading.
Multi-LanguageOffers multi-language support.
Admin Language ManagementAdmin can add and manage languages.
Flutterwave Payment GatewaySupports the Flutterwave payment gateway.
EscrowProvides an escrow system.
USD Virtual CardOffers a USD virtual card.
Strowallet APIIntegrates with Strowallet API.
Payzoft APIIntegrates with Payzoft API.
Fund User’s Wallet from Admin DashboardAdmin can fund user wallets from the dashboard.
Vouchers SystemIncludes a vouchers system.
User RolesSupports different user roles.
Voyager Admin DashboardComes with the Voyager admin dashboard.
Transactions HistoryMaintains a transactions history.
Developers API Merchant ( IPN )Developer API for merchant IPN.
WooCommerce PluginCompatible with the WooCommerce plugin.
WHMCS Payment ModuleSupports WHMCS payment module.
KYC Ready (on request)KYC readiness available on request.
Virtual Bank Account Creation (on request)Virtual bank account creation available on request.
Loan Management (on request)Loan management available on request.
Bill PaymentSupports bill payments.
Your Local Gateways (on request)Ability to integrate local gateways on request.
Auto Withdraw to Banks (For Nigeria)Offers auto withdraw to banks for Nigeria.
Printing Recharge Cards (For Nigeria)Printing recharge cards available for Nigeria.
GDPR ReadyGDPR compliance readiness.
Balance Freezing during Withdrawal ProcessingAbility to freeze user balances during withdrawal processing.
Set Percentage and Unit FeesAdmin can set percentage and unit fees.
Responsive UIProvides a responsive user interface.
6 Color SkinsOffers 6 color skins.
Built with Bootstrap 4Developed using Bootstrap 4.