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  • PicoSMM is a user-friendly and professional social media marketing tool.
  • It provides simple and easy-to-use solutions for social media marketing.
  • No monthly fees are involved; just download and install on your hosting.
  • Suitable for both personal and business purposes.
  • Ideal for those seeking a complete SMM solution for their business.
  • No need to spend a lot on hiring a developer for an SMM Panel website.
  • Manage unlimited services with PicoSMM.
  • Accept credit card payments and connect to thousands of websites using the powerful API.
  • Quick and straightforward website setup with our system.
  • Top-notch support, installation, and customization assistance available.
  • Get your own copy of PicoSMM and start your social media business website (SMM).
Details Dashboard– User Management
– Category Management
– Service Management
– Manage Order
– Manage Refund
– Manage Providers
– Manage Customer Deposit
– Orders Report
– Transaction Report
– Ticket Management
– Notice
– Custom Theme
– Recaptcha
– Customer Reg. Enable/Disable
– SMTP Settings
– Email Template
– Payment Gateway
– Local Settings
– Multi Language
– Profile Settings
– Email Notification
– Site Settings
– Currency Settings
– Dynamic Landing Page
Popular Payment Gateway
Authorize Net


Supper Admin Benefits
– Quick and easy setup: Download and begin your social media marketing business in minutes.
– Comprehensive solution: No need for monthly charges or ongoing costs.
– Full automation: Start your business right away with automated processes.
– Generate revenue: Charge your customers for SMM services.
– API integration: Connect to thousands of websites using the API.


Customer Benefits
– User-friendly experience: A clean and easy solution for customers.
– Service ordering: Customers can easily order from the services provided by the admin.
– Flexible ordering: Customers can place single or mass orders based on their needs.
– Refund and cancel options: Customers have the convenience of refunding or canceling orders.
– Wallet functionality: Customers can deposit funds into their wallet for seamless transactions.

SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool

  • SMM Matrix is a comprehensive social media marketing tool.
  • It encompasses all the necessary elements for your social media marketing business.
  • The platform offers a wide range of services for various social media platforms.
  • It covers likes, followers, views, engagement, website traffic, and more.
  • SMM Matrix provides all these services at an affordable price.
  • The software ensures you get the results you need without breaking the bank.


  • SMMLab Overview:
    • SMMLab is a professional Social Media Marketing Solution built using PHP Laravel.
    • It’s designed for individuals looking to establish a business website.
  • Importance of Social Media:
    • Over 80% of business managers consider social media essential for their business.
    • Social media marketing has resulted in a remarkable 133% increase in revenue for marketers.
  • SMMLab’s Role:
    • SMMLab is a complete solution catering to the SMM marketing business.
    • Users can easily register and manage their orders through the platform.
    • Admin can handle orders either manually or automatically.
  • API Integration:
    • SMMLab includes an API connection system.
    • Resellers can offer white-labeled services to clients through this API.
  • Expanding Services:
    • The system facilitates connections with thousands of social media service providers.
    • This allows for expanding services and collaborating with multiple providers.
– Connect to thousands of SMM providers through a powerful API.
– Vendors who can sell your services via API (white label).
– Automated payment gateway and easy currency setup.
– Simple functionality with dynamic features.
– Supports modern browsers and cross-browser compatibility.
– Powerful and robust admin interface.
– Clean and modern user interface.
– Premium and fast customer support.
– Comprehensive and straightforward documentation.
User Dashboard Features
– Secure dark User Dashboard.
– Manage & Order Services.
– Mass Order.
– Order History.
– Automatic & Manual Deposit.
– Deposit Logs.
– Transactions Details.
– Support Ticket Desk.
– API Connectivity Facility.
– Profile Management.
– 2FA Security.
– Email Notification & Verification.
– SMS Notification & Verification.
– Livechat, Security Captcha Included.
– Comes with Multi-language features.
– User Privacy & TOS.
– And more…
Categories ManagementManage and organize product/service categories.
Services ManagementControl and update details of available services.
Manage OrdersMonitor and manage customer orders and statuses.
Manage UsersAdminister user accounts and access permissions.
Payment Gateways ManagementConfigure and handle payment gateway integrations.
Deposits ManagementHandle user deposits and account credit.
Support Ticket ManagementTrack and address user inquiries and issues.
Report and LogsGenerate reports and view system logs.
Subscribers ManagementManage email or content subscribers.
API SettingConfigure settings for API integrations.
General SettingAdjust general platform settings.
Logo Icon SettingUpload and set platform logos and icons.
Extensions ManagementManage installed extensions or plugins.
Language ManagementAdd, edit, or manage supported languages.
SEO ManagerOptimize website content for search engines.
Email ManagerControl email communication and templates.
SMS ManagerManage SMS notifications and templates.
Manage TemplatesEdit and manage email or page templates.
Manage PagesCreate, edit, or delete website pages.
Manage SectionCustomize sections of the website.
Blog SectionManage and publish articles or blog posts.
Contact SectionEdit and update contact information.
Extra PagesHandle additional pages beyond core content.
FAQ SectionManage frequently asked questions section.
Testimonial SectionDisplay and manage customer testimonials.
And More…Additional unspecified features.

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